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Ecodeco S.r.l. is awarded a contract in Britain for the design and construction of a new waste treatment plant


3SE, a consortium set up by the British companies Shanks Waste Management and Scottish and Southern Energy, has chosen Ecodeco technology to build a waste treatment plant in Yorkshire.

In more detail, the A2A Group company Ecodeco S.r.l. will be the supplier of the project and the technology and will build a plant which will treat the waste of the cities of Barnsley, Doncaster and Rotherham.

The value of these supplies exceeds 26 million euro and it is envisaged that Ecodeco will also be paid royalties on the concession for the next 25 years, based on each tonne of waste treated.

The plant will be used to treat 250,000 tonnes/year of residual solid urban waste from differentiated collection and will serve around 350,000 families. At the end of the treatment process a secondary fuel will be obtained which will be used in a multifuel plant for producing electricity. Glass, plastic and metals will be recovered by building a section for the production of compost.

The agreement provides that the work for the construction of the plant will begin by the spring of 2013 and that the first waste will be treated in 2015.