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A total of 23.5% of the share capital of Metroweb S.p.A has been sold to Fondo Infrastrutturale F2i and IMI Investimenti


On May 30, 2011, A2A S.p.A. together with Stirling Square Capital Partners, the majority shareholder of Metroweb S.p.A., signed an agreement for the sale of their shareholdings in Metroweb S.p.A. (respectively 23.5% and 76.5%) to Fondo Infrastrutturale F2i and IMI Investimenti. This transaction led to proceeds of 53 million euro for A2A S.p.A. and a capital gain of 38 million euro.

A2A S.p.A. continues to hold a convertible bond which if the option is exercised will enable it to acquire a shareholding of up to 25% in Metroweb S.p.A. and a put option which may be exercised until November 30, 2013 under the same conditions as the transaction, increased by a financial return.