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A single sales company for the A2A Group since January


On January 1, 2011, Asm Energia e Ambiente S.r.l., Bas-Omniservizi S.r.l. and A2A Servizi al Cliente S.r.l. were merged into A2A Energia S.p.A..
The single sales company arising from this operation concentrates on the sale of electricity and gas and the related commercial services (call centers, desks and billing). In particular, a leading operator on the national energy market has been created which has around 2 million customers (large-scale industry, SMEs, apartment blocks and domestic customers), who are mostly concentrated in the Milan metropolitan area and the provinces of Brescia and Bergamo.
This represents a further step in the process of streamlining and corporate rationalization aimed at making the Group even more competitive on the liberalized markets. Lombardy customers will be able to continue putting their trust in quality services that are close at hand, a factor which up until now has been a “winning card” for the Group as certified by the excellent results obtained in customer satisfaction surveys and in the special league tables regularly prepared by the Electricity and Gas Authority.